Monday, March 2, 2009

check this out

So there's a salvation army in the city right by depaul I've some really lucky finds there. something will pull me to a certain area of a rack and there will be a designer garment just hanging there. I got a pair of marc jacobs (jeans) for $3 which I turned into shorts (because the bootcut was not flattering on my body). next was a cute little blue cheap&chic moschino jacket for $5 (which I didn't buy because I'm cheap like that). I've hadn't had much luck there lately, but I got this comme des garconne silk checkered shirt there for $3. Even when I find these pieces for so cheap, I still always hestitate to buy because money adds up! Well I got this baby for $2.80 and I still need to wash it. Whoever wore this before had a hell of a time because it's been worn to the max! Hopefully I can clean it up and figure out something to wear with it....

happy monday! (oh, how I hate mondays!)

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  1. what great finds! i'm impressed by all of the big names. can't wait to see what outfits you put together with your items!