Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Debut Red Lips, J's 21st, first bottle purchase ever, vera wang, good times.

here are some pics i uploaded so far....
excuse the ugliness in the first pic; just fooling around with the Vera dress.
i am in love with red lipstick now!! after seeing it on her i felt more inspired to do it. it's crazy how a simple lipstick can make you feel so confident (i'm wearing some cheapie lipstick i bought at walgreens, with a loreal infallible lip color in target red i got for $2!!)
last: the bib. looks more intricate than it seems. good DIY.


  1. ugliness in the first picture? ... lies. :]
    you look absolutely stunning unni in the first picture.

  2. thanks hannah :) youre too kind!!!!!!