Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"We belong in NYC"

M sent me this e-mail today...
to celebrate and generate buzz for the grand opening of TOPSHOP in America (NYC, April 2), there was a truck going around with a woman passing out giftcards worth up to $500.
why the hell do they not do that kind of shit here in chicago!!
bah! another reason to move to nyc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
via "the cut,"

the bf and i just came back from a mini concert of the ASTEROIDS GALAXY TOUR. We paid only $12 and had the most amazing experience. so much charisma and talent...the band consisted of drums, bass, guitar, piano, a sax, trumpet....and sexy tambourine!!!!! (might i add that several of the bandmates were switching instruments between each other..)
check them out! (some of you might recognize them from the ipod commercial!!)

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