Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sally Nails It

so i was sent this article in my email. it's an article from's beauty counter blog about Tracy Reese's sixth (sixth?) nail polish collection for beauty brand Sally Hansen. Where have I been for the past 5 collections? And do I care??? No. This is just a great way for designers to make more money by making us consumers think that wearing their nail polish is like wearing their garments. lol. I don't know what to think here...and Tracy Reese? Nail polish is nail polish no matter what brands you use...

my favorite: Rescue Beauty Lounge makes really fun, and sometimes even some, "What, that's a real nail polish color?" polishes! My cheapie favs (only because i can buy them at warehouse prices) are OPI & Essie. NYC makes cheaaaaap polishes if you want to try fun colors for under $1
photo and story creds:
ps: I saw they have an article on Bobbi's makeup class (well they call it an academy...) at Emerson College in Boston....I will save that one for analyzing another day. I have lots to say on that topic.... :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

HOLY !@#$%^&*(

haha, this is what i wrote in an email to my brother after i saw these shoes on jak&jill
how's the weather up there??!!!!!!
photo: jak&jill
feet: daphne guinness
shoes: custom made house of harlot
ps: speaking of ms. guinness, have any of you seen the documentary on the real world of haute couture and the real ladies that buy and can afford it (compared to the celebrities who probably cant afford it at all, but are just there for publicity)? its really interesting..i watched it on youtube a while ago...but turns out it was taken down :(

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Say "HI" to Justin..

with Zac Posen in his studio. (not the greatest pic of J)

the gorgeous IMAN in Posen.

jessica stam walking fall '08 (loved the beauty look for this show the best)

Iman's personal piece-customed made by Robert Morrison

"the gown that started it all"

she's perfect and so doll like. J, not so much :)
creds: og:mireya acierto.

i would like to introduce to you my (younger) brother justin who is a stylist here in Chicago. I can go on for days about how fabulous and talented he is, but I guess I'll just leave those for future postings.

These are some photos he let me post of his Jan trip to NYC in which he was able to work with the great IMAN. It was a project to bring fashion to real-life people. They did a photoshoot and also made a video for this project and it was shown and projected on the streets of NYC for people walking by to see. It was ultimately to see the reactions people would have. There's probably a lot more about this project I'm missing, but if you are interested I can do a future post on it in more depth! Note from J: "because of award season a lot of dresses from the showrooms were in LA. Zac was gracious in letting us borrow a dress for Iman. It was sooo awesome meeting Zac Posen and I can't wait to work with their staff again."

some kpop lovin..

while others update about fashion week...i watch silly vids on youtube.

wheesung and lyn do "SO HOT" on lee hana's "peppermint"

i've been watching a lot of korean vids these days (i should really be studying or working on this blog here ^^) and this caught my eye because they're both amazing vocalists and they seemed to be having a lot fun doing this cover..


i HAD to add this one too...not because of SNSD...because of all the single guys in the audience that went CRAGEE when they came out...hahhaha listen to them sing along!!!!!

i would hate on these girls, but they ARE really cute and probably work really hard...hahah yeah right!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


herrrrrro there. gah, i'm such a newb at this blogging thing, i promise to post up pictures (because what's a blog without pictures, right?) I don't know how you girls/guys do it, but I'm so shy when it comes to blogging...sorta.

i just signed up for twitter. now i can cross that off my list of things to do in 2oo9.

oh! i was at starbucks yesterday (which by the way, i received a $50 giftcard from my cousin fyi ^^) and they lady gave me a sample of their INSTANT COFFEE!!! haven't tried it yet, but i thought it would be useful tomorrow morning on my way to my 8am class.


ps. had such a wonderful, unexpected birthday :) i'm a very lucky girl.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

happy birthday

it's my 22nd birthday today!

sadly, all my friends and loved ones are at work during the day, so I will have to roam about town and entertain myself which i have no problem doing!
this blog was a goal i had for myself this yr, and much thanks to my bf and brother for helping me come up with silly names :)

here is some work i did recently (makeup) with my brother who's a stylist and the creative crew over at FIG Media in Chicago.

enjoy! both the models were beautiful and exotic(?) hehe. The Ravenswood Billboard Factory was amazing, they had a showroom with all these vintage cars...and the loft upstairs was lovely as the afternoon glow came in!! Note to self: must get married here!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

mic check 1 2 3...

hello everyone (haha although i'm talking to myself right now)
stop by as much as you can,
take some inspirations,
and feel free to give
2 cents.
after a few months of 
lurking around,
i've decided to finally
create a place where i 
can just say and think things