Thursday, February 26, 2009

Say "HI" to Justin..

with Zac Posen in his studio. (not the greatest pic of J)

the gorgeous IMAN in Posen.

jessica stam walking fall '08 (loved the beauty look for this show the best)

Iman's personal piece-customed made by Robert Morrison

"the gown that started it all"

she's perfect and so doll like. J, not so much :)
creds: og:mireya acierto.

i would like to introduce to you my (younger) brother justin who is a stylist here in Chicago. I can go on for days about how fabulous and talented he is, but I guess I'll just leave those for future postings.

These are some photos he let me post of his Jan trip to NYC in which he was able to work with the great IMAN. It was a project to bring fashion to real-life people. They did a photoshoot and also made a video for this project and it was shown and projected on the streets of NYC for people walking by to see. It was ultimately to see the reactions people would have. There's probably a lot more about this project I'm missing, but if you are interested I can do a future post on it in more depth! Note from J: "because of award season a lot of dresses from the showrooms were in LA. Zac was gracious in letting us borrow a dress for Iman. It was sooo awesome meeting Zac Posen and I can't wait to work with their staff again."

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