Friday, April 24, 2009

holy (mackerel)

loooooooooooooving these.
earrings, anthropologie

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

feed me

hello there.
been so uninspired/lazy/sick
m and i started bikram yoga (yoga in a 100+ degree room)
and all my toxins in my body have been unleashed!
hence the cold and pimples on my forehead,,yuck

watched real housewives of NYC last night (my guilty pleasure)
and alex's husband (gah, cant think of the name right now!!)
bought her a "feed" bustier at a charity auction for....
i mean, all for a good cause, i know.
but the way she said that he knew her so well, can pick out such good garments,
blah, blah, blah
honestly, if my man came home and told me
he spend $7000 on a burlap sack bustier.....
i think i would cry.
(she looks good good as it gets for wearing a sack i guess)
pic via

Thursday, April 16, 2009


went to walmart for some drugs....
haha. i learned i have allergies, so yeah no fun.
thought id kill time and snoop around
i got this norma kamali batwing cardigan in gray.
it's amazing, so much better on.
the best thing is, i got it for $5 (its $18 online).
too bad the weather is getting warm, eh.
oh, and i bought these ugly gray shoes that i studded. hahah they look pretty cool (imo)
everything i bought in the past two days were all gray!!! i'm slowing changing....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

spring time beauty

eugene from ses with some really pretty natural looks.

not the biggest fan of posey tint, the texture is a little goopy(?) & is probably best for lighter skin tones.

og tint is money and buy the CG lip stain pencils for $7....versus $28

creds: daum


so i got this black blazer with white piping---total balenciaga knock off and the main (and kinda kiddish) reason i bought because the brand's name was " s & d"...which would also be my bf's and my initials.

oh haha.

so i'm wearing it on sunday, and i take it off to show him the tag and here's the first things he says,

"oh wow! an xs!"-----(i think he was thinking i was showing him the tag size because im always complaining about losing weight)

me: "no, no, look again! it says "s & d" "

..........0k i guess its only funny if you were there...or not. HAHA.

so my shopping rehab is not as successful as i would have hope it to be, but it has gotten a lot better!!! except for that i HATE going to the gym, so i am using "i'm going shopping to walk around" excuse a lot......


Monday, April 6, 2009

So Fresh and so Clean

got some samples with M this weekend

i LOVE everything from FRESH. the fragrances, skincare and the makeup!!

trying out the face primer in Twilight and high noon. awesome on its own, or under makeup. If you like light foundations with really good coverage, check out fresh's foundation's worth every penny & it lasts forever!!!!!!!!
sorry for the lame ass posts, im a lazzzzyy mutha fffff.

Friday, April 3, 2009

feeling so uninspired by everything. i should really be studying and all that jazz, but WHATEVAR.

so i've been channeling all my shopping energy into craft stores. there are a ton of interesting things for chheeeaaaap. got a few canvas totes that i will merchandise to make them more....un-LL bean like (nothing wrong with them...juss sayinnn). i'll post after im done with a prototype if anyone cares, lol. 

feel such like a surburban mom these days. going to joann fabrics, hobby lobby, sewing cutesy flowers made out of different shirts, and actually getting EXCITED over them. im just missing my hubby and some kids. 

M & i are working on a project, will keep everyone updated when its legit and decent, lol.