Wednesday, April 8, 2009


so i got this black blazer with white piping---total balenciaga knock off and the main (and kinda kiddish) reason i bought because the brand's name was " s & d"...which would also be my bf's and my initials.

oh haha.

so i'm wearing it on sunday, and i take it off to show him the tag and here's the first things he says,

"oh wow! an xs!"-----(i think he was thinking i was showing him the tag size because im always complaining about losing weight)

me: "no, no, look again! it says "s & d" "

..........0k i guess its only funny if you were there...or not. HAHA.

so my shopping rehab is not as successful as i would have hope it to be, but it has gotten a lot better!!! except for that i HATE going to the gym, so i am using "i'm going shopping to walk around" excuse a lot......


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