Wednesday, April 22, 2009

feed me

hello there.
been so uninspired/lazy/sick
m and i started bikram yoga (yoga in a 100+ degree room)
and all my toxins in my body have been unleashed!
hence the cold and pimples on my forehead,,yuck

watched real housewives of NYC last night (my guilty pleasure)
and alex's husband (gah, cant think of the name right now!!)
bought her a "feed" bustier at a charity auction for....
i mean, all for a good cause, i know.
but the way she said that he knew her so well, can pick out such good garments,
blah, blah, blah
honestly, if my man came home and told me
he spend $7000 on a burlap sack bustier.....
i think i would cry.
(she looks good good as it gets for wearing a sack i guess)
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  1. My guilty pleasure too! My boyfriend hates when I put that on :) But I totally agree, burlap sack? really? for a red carpet? hmmmm....