Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Don't tell my boyfriend I went shopping...

...although he's probably reading this right now, lol.
he sent me an email about simply vera (hahah cute) and i told him that it's all about marketing ploy and how all these designers have these low capsule lines and in reality, would you buy the dress/shirt/shorts if it wasn't made by that particular designer?---the design is money, but the fabrics used are sooooo cheap.
i go an email today that f21 was having a sale. so what did i do? i went to the store to look around and came out with 3 things! a necklace, short romper, and shoes. i kind of feel guilty for buying clothes/shopping instead of saving....BUT the price for all the 3 items combined was the same price some other girl would have spent a poly/nylon/jersey cheap shirt.
so maybe i don't feel that bad. :)

"bib" necklace $2.99: after seeing this from the glamouri, and wearing the vera from last weekend, really wanted a chunky, flat necklace. this isn't anywhere near hers, but i think this will make a good base to work off of....
zipper strappy shoes $5.99: these have been on sale for awhile but when i went back today they were the last pair. they had them in this reddish color which was really pretty too. i wish the heel was higher!! they're really cute under skinnies--straight or slightly rolled :)
navy silk romper $7.99: soooo comfortable. i was worried about the sleeves, but they are light and loose-casual. i like how the hems are a little more thicker and weigh certain areas down perfectly!! can't wait for the weather to get warm!!!!!!


arget rain jacket.

maaaaaaaybe if it was $3.74. I personally like to wear jackets/coats that actually conceal me, not reveal :) could work on you younger ladies!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

spring break recap

wearing: zara pants, hanes shredded t, sigerson morrison target flats, f21 sweater, h&m bag

haha, just realized everything i wore i bought for $10 & under....sweeeet!!!
i'm back at home with my parents.
what was supposed to be a weekend stay (because of j's bday party & the shoots) i ended up staying for a whole week. seriously, it felt like 1 day!!! so sad, but i'm glad to be back at home with my computer and all of my things. i had to wear the same 2-3 outfits everyday (remember, i was only supposed to spend 3 nights) but it was reallly fun & interesting to work with what i had.
i'll miss waking up, going out for every meal, and doing N-O-T-H-I-N-G. (actually not much different from what i do on a daily basis. sad)
my parents are throwing a korean bbq party!!....mostly because my brother is home too, for the weekend (clearly you can see who they love more---j is the baby of the family!!)

i'll be posting more pictures of what i did during my spring break! i'm really excited for them!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"We belong in NYC"

M sent me this e-mail today...
to celebrate and generate buzz for the grand opening of TOPSHOP in America (NYC, April 2), there was a truck going around with a woman passing out giftcards worth up to $500.
why the hell do they not do that kind of shit here in chicago!!
bah! another reason to move to nyc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
via "the cut, nymag.com"

the bf and i just came back from a mini concert of the ASTEROIDS GALAXY TOUR. We paid only $12 and had the most amazing experience. so much charisma and talent...the band consisted of drums, bass, guitar, piano, a sax, trumpet....and sexy tambourine!!!!! (might i add that several of the bandmates were switching instruments between each other..)
check them out! (some of you might recognize them from the ipod commercial!!)

Debut Red Lips, J's 21st, first bottle purchase ever, vera wang, good times.

here are some pics i uploaded so far....
excuse the ugliness in the first pic; just fooling around with the Vera dress.
i am in love with red lipstick now!! after seeing it on her i felt more inspired to do it. it's crazy how a simple lipstick can make you feel so confident (i'm wearing some cheapie lipstick i bought at walgreens, with a loreal infallible lip color in target red i got for $2!!)
last: the bib. looks more intricate than it seems. good DIY.

so sorry

sorry for the lack of updates (to those who visit often, i know who you are, *wink* *wink*)
i've been on spring break, spending time in the city, and unfortunately i dont like to post using my bf's computer...lol

my brother's 21st bday party was this past weekend, he let me borrow this vera wang bib necklace. i had to be super careful because there were so many people bumping their drinks into me!

we also had two photoshoots this weekend....i can't post pics, but hopefully when they do get published, i can share them with you :)

in the meantime, i'll show you some pics of the dresses/gowns we used....they were so magical and gorgeous!!!!

xo sierra

Thursday, March 19, 2009

If you like cute blogs...

been a little blah these days. my body is seriously falling apart.
welll thank goodness for spring break
although i'm barely in school. blah. lol
go to this blog ROCKSTAR DIARIES
it's so cute....a husband and wife blog (they're young, so in love, lovee food, creative)
makes me so jealous...to live in NYC with the one you love? wow, i couldn't ask for anything more.
Honey, let's move and just be together. :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Valentino on Oprah

Anyone catch Valentino's appearance on Oprah today?
I think he was there to promote and give a preview about his documentary,
The Last Emperor
It's playing in Chicago on Friday, March 27.

Soooooo tan.
" I think you look too tan today."
-Valentino's Business Partner

watch it HERE

oh, and Oprah looks sooo much better with straight hair!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Test Shoot Part I

here's a preview of a test shoot we did with FIG studios back in january @ Ravenswood Billboard Factory in Chicago.
photographer: Billy Rood for FIG
stylist/direction: Justin Min
makeup: yours truly :)
hair: Anthony for Palmer House Hilton
Model: Angela for Elite Chicago
I always have a great time working with the FIG team. They're a great group of people and their work environment is so dynamic! Can't wait for the next project! Thanks for the photos Billy!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chris March

Remember Chris March from Project Runway Season 4?
Remember all the hair he used, and how he got the "stank eye" for it?
It's been everywhere these days!!!!
photo jezebel & nymag


So I got this in an email today:
" Nordstrom is changing the logo on their makeup, so they're selling everything for $1!!! The make-up line e.l.f.(eyes-lips-face) has been bought out by Nordstrom and will be re-packaged with the Nordstrom name on it. They are getting rid of the entire make up in ELF packaging. They are selling everything for $1. You do have to pay shipping. They have everything - powder, mascara, lipstick, a mineral line (100% natural), brushes & cases, nail polish, lotions, you name it -it's there.
The website is :



When you check out there is a space for a coupon code. Use CAROLINA and save an additional $7.50 if your order is over $15.00."

So this is sad. This just means that they will charge a lip gloss that is usually $1 (don't be fooled, ELF makeup has always been this dirt cheap) to $10+. I'll have to keep my eyes open for this when it hit's Nordstrom's. This is such a good marketing ploy! Gr. I could go on, but I'll stop here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


bf holding my heels....still can't get over how I wore those heels to the wedding..while everyone else was wearing flip flops. oops.

the beach behind the property. so lovely.

M & I at the beach (haha, Lake Michigan) by our old apartment last summer.

With the bipolar weather (sunny 60's one moment, rainy & cold the next) I can't stop thinking
about the perfect october weather I experienced during a trip to a friend's wedding in Hawaii this past fall!!!! I am still considering moving out there some day (tax 4%, waaah? shaved ice as big as your head?)
Can't wait for spring/summer. Chicago is the place to be when the weather is nice, can't wait!!!!!!

Arlo Weiner

"This is my Valentine’s Day outfit. The jacket and the pants are velvet. I love the tie because it’s really two ties stacked on top of each other. (My dad had to tie it for me.) The pink tie matched the pink shirt. I wore brown-and-white argyle socks for a random pattern."

"My mom got the jacket for me—I love it because I love Frank Sinatra and this is like something he would wear. I wore the jacket with the pants because I like the different plaids together. I thought the blue in the necklace brought out the blue in the pants. It’s a blue orb with fire around it."
"I have a lot of black outfits these days, so I needed the red ascot to add some color. I love red and black together—they each make the other stand out. I’ve worn this to school about 12 times."

Arlo Weiner, age 8
Son of Matt Weiner, creator of Mad Men
this kid has maaaaaaad style.
found via teenvogue, story/pics by GQ

Monday, March 9, 2009


this is Maverick (or Mavi), my bf's roommates dog.
he's the cutest most human like dog I've seen. He mumbles in his sleep and sometimes you can catch him just chillin' by himself on the couch...lol.
f21 purse with chain from another purse.

A spring in her step

this is a shout out to M, who is probably the only person who reads this blog excluding my brother and bf.
M & I went to happy hour this past friday to one of our favorite spots, BIG bar...which you guessed it, has BIG drinks. The weather was so freaking nice that day!! We drank, gossiped, and then randomly decided to go shopping.

M is wearing H&M navy coat and bag 1--bought in Europe while studying abroad in Hungary. I love that bag because of its versatility. You can wear it Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ( I am secretly wanting to steal it....). Bag 2--H&M bag for spring.

Last picture is a pair of target shoes I got for super super clearance. Fake, shiny patent = a lot of looks, good & bad :D


Emma Roberts as Audrey Hepburn
Glamour 70th Anniversary April Issue
Dress, Giambattista Valli, Earrings, Stephen Diveck, Bracelet, R.J. Graziano, Shoes, Louboutin
Click to see more American Icons

Sunday, March 8, 2009

girl power

happy (international) women's day :)
this one goes out to all the great women in my life (mom, love you) and the great men in my life (dad, brother, bf) that have & always respected women!

Justin on Modelinia!

Here's a slideshow of the project my brother was a part of
when he went to nyc a couple months ago which I posted in a few posts before.
Go check it out HERE!
Behind the Scenes: Iman with Coodie and Chike

Robert Morris Necklace, custom made for Iman
just posting again for those of you who missed it the first time.

christian siriano for payless!

image: imaxtree, via the cut
meant to mention is sooner.
christian siriano for payless?
i'm not a big CS fan, but i know i will be buying some shoes..
prices from $25-$45.
love the strappy pair (made with chain straps), the ankle boots, and spikes!
"that's fierce"

orange you glad i'm posting

the weather is still so so rainy :(
hope you all "sprang forward" today.
i need sleep.
i'm wearing a MAC color...its NEON orange. people were looking at me like i was seriously crazy or ill. and i loved it.
wearing coral pot rouge (cheeks) by bobbi brown

these are cute

forever 21 shoe
what do you think? pretty good for $25.80!!!!!!

i bought them.

forever 21 shoes $34.80

i bought the alexander wang knock offs this weekend while in the city (none of the other f21 in the burbs had them....!)
i was a little apprehensive, but i bought them anyway.
they're interesting, very comfortable (maybe minus the toe part), and barbaric (sp?) too.
didn;t realize there is a thong part.
these shoes totally cut me off, so i'll have to wear them with something suuuper short, lol.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

it's raining

It's raining today and colder. Yesterday it was in the 60s now it's rainy and cold.
no wonder my body is soo mezz up.
I can't take this bipolar weather anymore!!!

i took this picture in nyc a couple of summers ago

Friday, March 6, 2009

hats off to the weather!!!

hat made by my brother, makeup by me :)
chicago WIND magazine nov '08
RIP hat....was squished into a bag and never brought back t life.

for those of you living in chicago,
how nice has the weather been these couple of days??!!!
im totally taking advantage and playing hooky from work and spending the whole day outside, shopping, and spending some quality sibling time with my brother!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

another reason to love starbucks even more?

...or Dsquared2?

photo (above) from fabsugar
Align Center

i loved all the layering in the looks, especially the slouchy pants and thick, furry vests on top. oo and the oversize beanies and berets. reminds me of the lincoln park girls and how they would totally carry their bags like that & drink starbux. LOL. but it's rare to find people in chicago who dress cool in ...? (prove me wrong girls...& guys!)
not really digging the legging+skirt combo. reminds me LP girls again. leggings+cheap f21 top+colored pointy heels to match shirt.

MKOmg :)

click to enlarge
Boobage in the first pic! lol
Mk olsen for Fashion mar '09
love both the olsens, the way they smile sometimes bugs me..kind of reminds me of the joker sometimes. eek
photo via olsensanonymous

DIY: Rodarte

I just have to say, some of you girls (&boys) are soooo freakin creative and talented. Case in point: shini of park&cube, camille of childhood flames, susie bubble, and the sixsixsick girls (just to mention a few). You girls are the reason I cut up so many of my jeans, studded everything in sight, and the reason my closet has doubled in just the past month :) 

lastest obsession I will never be able to do unless I:
1) learn how to knit (impossible, too inpatient) 
2) rekindle my relationship with my grandma because she's an amazing knitter (not too impossible, might take some time)

either way, I'll just continue to fantasize. thanks for the eye candy girls!!!!!!
check out their DIY's for the RODARTE knitssssssss & the diamond cut leggings too! (go search thru their blog for other excellent DIY's!!)

umm...that's siiiiiick!!!
can't wait to see the end result!
I remember seeing a photo of a knit sweater her mom made her....!!!
*if any of you have any successful DIY's let me know~ :)

ps. hahah i just showed my mom pictures of the Rodarte knits...and we agreed to make a scarf because she says she doesn't know to make a cardigan..keke. i guess it's better than nothing, right? 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


LOEHMANN's is having a crazy sale.
i usually do not like shopping there because i feel like theres nothing really good.
but i think they busted out everything they had.
i saw a cute blumarine skirt for $75 (orig over $1000)
gryphon jacket $60 (orig over 800)
bunch of D&G sturrffss
and lots of other things that i can't remember.
i bought a john varvatos for converse sequined cardigan for a cool $15
i'll post a pic when my camera charges :)
oohhh...and borders is having a good $1 sale ^^. 
I bought like 6 photo albums (orig $16-$50)
i'm a sale junkie, so let me know if you see any good sales!!


sorry my blog sucks! haha, i guess i'm still trying to find out the workings of a blog, as my thoughts are just everywhere. for those of you kind enough to stop by and take a look, i thank you :)

with that being said, i don't have photos of me in particular outfits...yet. those will be coming soon. i do have many beauty pics because that's my profession---lazy student by day, makeup artist by.....hmm i dont know how to end that one. 

here's a pic of me wearing MAC's chatterbox lipstick and f21 glasses which i dont what happened to..
this was taken around spring/summer time last year when i worked at X (details soon to come) beauty counter. I worked on the other side of MAC and was always jealous of the fun colors and styles the MAC girls got to wear...
the picture doesnt do the color justice....it was soooo bubble gum-barbie pink. loved it.

feel free if you have any questions about products or even skincare (i have my esthetics license). My expertise is finding good, cheap makeup!

Monday, March 2, 2009

check this out

So there's a salvation army in the city right by depaul I've some really lucky finds there. something will pull me to a certain area of a rack and there will be a designer garment just hanging there. I got a pair of marc jacobs (jeans) for $3 which I turned into shorts (because the bootcut was not flattering on my body). next was a cute little blue cheap&chic moschino jacket for $5 (which I didn't buy because I'm cheap like that). I've hadn't had much luck there lately, but I got this comme des garconne silk checkered shirt there for $3. Even when I find these pieces for so cheap, I still always hestitate to buy because money adds up! Well I got this baby for $2.80 and I still need to wash it. Whoever wore this before had a hell of a time because it's been worn to the max! Hopefully I can clean it up and figure out something to wear with it....

happy monday! (oh, how I hate mondays!)