Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Don't tell my boyfriend I went shopping...

...although he's probably reading this right now, lol.
he sent me an email about simply vera (hahah cute) and i told him that it's all about marketing ploy and how all these designers have these low capsule lines and in reality, would you buy the dress/shirt/shorts if it wasn't made by that particular designer?---the design is money, but the fabrics used are sooooo cheap.
i go an email today that f21 was having a sale. so what did i do? i went to the store to look around and came out with 3 things! a necklace, short romper, and shoes. i kind of feel guilty for buying clothes/shopping instead of saving....BUT the price for all the 3 items combined was the same price some other girl would have spent a poly/nylon/jersey cheap shirt.
so maybe i don't feel that bad. :)

"bib" necklace $2.99: after seeing this from the glamouri, and wearing the vera from last weekend, really wanted a chunky, flat necklace. this isn't anywhere near hers, but i think this will make a good base to work off of....
zipper strappy shoes $5.99: these have been on sale for awhile but when i went back today they were the last pair. they had them in this reddish color which was really pretty too. i wish the heel was higher!! they're really cute under skinnies--straight or slightly rolled :)
navy silk romper $7.99: soooo comfortable. i was worried about the sleeves, but they are light and loose-casual. i like how the hems are a little more thicker and weigh certain areas down perfectly!! can't wait for the weather to get warm!!!!!!


  1. hahahaha I wish blogger had a "like" button

  2. that last romper is my fav!!! i can't believe u got it for just 8 bucks!!