Tuesday, March 3, 2009


sorry my blog sucks! haha, i guess i'm still trying to find out the workings of a blog, as my thoughts are just everywhere. for those of you kind enough to stop by and take a look, i thank you :)

with that being said, i don't have photos of me in particular outfits...yet. those will be coming soon. i do have many beauty pics because that's my profession---lazy student by day, makeup artist by.....hmm i dont know how to end that one. 

here's a pic of me wearing MAC's chatterbox lipstick and f21 glasses which i dont what happened to..
this was taken around spring/summer time last year when i worked at X (details soon to come) beauty counter. I worked on the other side of MAC and was always jealous of the fun colors and styles the MAC girls got to wear...
the picture doesnt do the color justice....it was soooo bubble gum-barbie pink. loved it.

feel free if you have any questions about products or even skincare (i have my esthetics license). My expertise is finding good, cheap makeup!

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