Tuesday, March 3, 2009


LOEHMANN's is having a crazy sale.
i usually do not like shopping there because i feel like theres nothing really good.
but i think they busted out everything they had.
i saw a cute blumarine skirt for $75 (orig over $1000)
gryphon jacket $60 (orig over 800)
bunch of D&G sturrffss
and lots of other things that i can't remember.
i bought a john varvatos for converse sequined cardigan for a cool $15
i'll post a pic when my camera charges :)
oohhh...and borders is having a good $1 sale ^^. 
I bought like 6 photo albums (orig $16-$50)
i'm a sale junkie, so let me know if you see any good sales!!

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  1. wow that seems like a great sale! eish we had them here
    have a great day

    lovelove <3,