Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sally Nails It

so i was sent this article in my email. it's an article from's beauty counter blog about Tracy Reese's sixth (sixth?) nail polish collection for beauty brand Sally Hansen. Where have I been for the past 5 collections? And do I care??? No. This is just a great way for designers to make more money by making us consumers think that wearing their nail polish is like wearing their garments. lol. I don't know what to think here...and Tracy Reese? Nail polish is nail polish no matter what brands you use...

my favorite: Rescue Beauty Lounge makes really fun, and sometimes even some, "What, that's a real nail polish color?" polishes! My cheapie favs (only because i can buy them at warehouse prices) are OPI & Essie. NYC makes cheaaaaap polishes if you want to try fun colors for under $1
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ps: I saw they have an article on Bobbi's makeup class (well they call it an academy...) at Emerson College in Boston....I will save that one for analyzing another day. I have lots to say on that topic.... :)


  1. yeah so true that we don't really care :P if its their sixth or sixtieeth (how do you spell that -_-) I'm so up for cheap nailpolish, after trying out Chanel - looks like it chips off either way if it's $1 NYC or damned Chanel.

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