Thursday, January 28, 2010



how is everyone doing?
it's freezing feet are freezing although i am wearing longer socks and boots.

i'm preparing for NYFW...i was lucky enough to get a press pass which means i will have access to even more shows...although i'm going to take it easy this round and party more and have fun.
i was such a drone last season and didn't get to eat as many yummy foods last time i was in nyc (i even made a long list...)
but before then i am busy, busy! i have 3 look book shoots coming up right before i leave, and possibly another photo shoot for my portfolio.
and right after i return from nyfw, i have my interview with paris...i dont want to even say the name cause im afraid i will jinx it...hehe. but wish me luck!!!!

the one year anniversary for this silly blog is coming up soon....i promise more personal style pics by then!! really!

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