Thursday, January 21, 2010


eugene suo-me


i thought it would be easy to cut people who are toxic in your life out, but whether it's good or bad, there are always consequences, right?
is it just me? am i the problem?
i apologized for my actions, but i never received an apology back.
so is it worth my time to try to work things out when in the eyes of the other person, it's all my fault?

so i left it....i just cut it out. i didn't lose anything, i guess.
how can you lose something that you never really cherished?

i'm so thankful  for my real know who you are.
thank you for your loyalty, support, and i know you are thinking of kicking me in the ass for even bringing this up. hahaha.

over it. done. goodbye.
i say that, but the hurt is still there.

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