Friday, April 9, 2010

why is it so cold

photos by me

I realize how crappily small these photos are and how lazy I am to upload them to flickr or something to make them bigger. haha.
how does the weather go from 70s to like 30s from one day to another. I am freezing my ass off as well as busting out the winter coats. wth!!!

makes me think of this past nyfw. the weather was gross, snowy, icy (wiped out one night, painful). ugh no outfit can look cute in that kind of weather!
had a fabu dinner at morimotos thanks to clare. don't remember the last time I ate so well like that....

(at Chictopia10 conference for my brother's line, Jcheikh, part 1 of dessert at morimotos; those lychees are to die for, cheikh, my brother's business partner at his brother's line, boudoir d'huitres, mcqueen store nyc)

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