Monday, March 1, 2010

no comment

hello. no picture post today, just words.

the weather is soooooo sucky. it's grey, wet, cold. when will it be spring??

doing a lot of thinking these days. LIFE CHANGING THOUGHTS. haha. no really.

what dreams do you have? i have so many that sometimes i think im not being realistic. but thats just the way i am.

some people make me laugh....not in the tickle me pink way...but more like in the wth way. some people give themselves too too much credit. need a slice of humble pie! but i guess its ok...i mean they have to make themselves feel good someway, right?

i know ive done/seen some "cool" things...but i dont go around bragging about it. i dont really tell people what i do because its awkward and most people dont really know what im talking about, so why waste their time and my energy explaining? haha i think ive always been this way. always shy to talk about myself because i know i am not all that great. you think you know me...but you really dont! :)

anyways, stay happy and i cant wait for the rest of this year to happen! happy march!


  1. Hey! I got the comment, and I totally remember you guys! You were hilarious, and the line was great. So were the delicious male models :P

    I can't wait for the pictures, my email is on my blog. Just put something in the subject line about either Chictopia 10 or JCheikh so that I don't accidentally delete it! You can expect to see it on my blog once I get it :)

  2. ok! thanks lydia!! i will get the pics to you asap! :) yay!