Monday, August 31, 2009


  this isnt really a personal outfit post (but when is it ever, really lol)
but i can tell you that i am wearing a discontinued Bobbi Brown lipstick that made its first public appearance last night!
akira's garden of eden fall fashion show at marchetti went well (as usual) and was packed (again, as usual). the theme was 'tudors' inspired. performances from the joffrey ballet, bag pipers in the VIP lounge and hip hop violinist were on display as well.
the looks were pretty tame and rtw compared to previous marchetti shows.
i must say i was impressed with (most) of the attendee's outfits. like the picture above, that a bow tied with dress shirt seemed to be the theme amongst the guys who weren't wearing an ed hardy/affliction t-shirt with ridiculous butt pockets.  :)
the ladies looked good as always, saw lots of little tulle filled dresses with ankle booties. 

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